Frequently Asked Questions

About Program:

The Disruptive Digital Intervention (DDI) Program is a long-term sustainable initiative to provide a motivating and encouraging environment for Government High school students from socio-economically marginalized sections of the society in both, the Urban and Rural areas of Telangana by setting up Digital Labs. These Labs will serve as a secondary source of learning for students, apart from the teachers, while taking them a step closer towards Digital Literacy.

Few unique features of this initiative are:
1. Appointment of a dedicated Computer co-ordinator at each Lab
2. An individual Child Performance tracking system to keep track on students’ learning progress
3. Ensuring the maintenance of Digital Labs for their long-term sustainability
4. Reduction in Overall Student Absenteeism of the School

HYSEA has chosen Nirmaan Organization as the implementing NGO partner for the initiative and has signed a MoU with them. Nirmaan provides the operational expertise and feet on ground to ensure the program remains sustainable. Under HYSEA’s overall governance framework, Nirmaan works with the sponsoring corporates to set up Digital Labs in each identified school. HYSEA and Nirmaan also ensures that the program is supported by respective District Collectors and School Administration.

1. Your Organization can choose one of the validated Government schools based on available CSR budget
2. You can set-up a Digital Lab at any of the Government schools you are already working with.
As a HYSEA NGO partner, Nirmaan is willing to meet your organization’s requirements and get empaneled with you, if they are not already empaneled. A tri-partite MoU would be executed between the Corporate, the HYSEA and Nirmaan Organization for DDI with the details on project execution, governance and financials. The sponsorship can come in the form of total cash OR cash + kind (equipment). Original Equipment Manufacturing companies can partner through support in terms of hardware and software endowment. As a corporate you will be paying the funds directly to Nirmaan and HYSEA will only get involved from its governance perspective as a non-profit association. Nirmaan is registered to provide 80G tax benefits.

1. Your organization logo will be displayed along with Govt of Telangana and HYSEA at the respective schools.
2. As a corporate, you can encourage your associates to participate in the program as volunteers to teach the Govt. school students during the weekends on topics such as Spoken English, Academic based topics, Aptitude & Reasoning.
3. Your organization becomes a part of the mission towards Digital Empowerment of India.

Below are the 5 steps which we are following to setup a digital lab.
1. Nirmaan will identify the school and complete the need assessment survey
2. Nirmaan,HYSEA will request funding from Corporate and finalize the school.
3. Tri Party MoU execution between HYSEA, Nirmaan and respective corporate sponsor.
4. Corporate partner disburses the funds to the NGO partner Nirmaan.
5. Nirmaan will set the lab, recruit the IT Trainers and start the execution of the program.

Once funds get disbursed to the Nirmaan, it will start the setup of the Digital lab. It takes 30 to 45 days time to complete the lab setup and recruitment of the coordinator.

Nirmaan is following the Government computer curriculum which is SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training) syllabus but Nirmaan added assessments and Practical sessions to the same curriculum.

Monthly program report and quarterly finance report will be sent to the corporates to provide status updates.

Every Month Nirmaan will release the volunteering calendar with the details of activities, number of volunteering hours required for the month and etc. We are also exploring the skype based volunteering option to reach out to the rural children.

Our DDI Coordinator (Computer Trainer) will conduct the regular assessments to the children to track the performance of the students.
We are conducting 4 Formative assessments and 2 Summative assessments every year inline with standard school assessment schedules.

HR & Finance:

Yes, the donations are exempted under 80G(5)(iv) of the I.T Act 1961.
Donations to Nirmaan are also eligible for tax exemptions under FCRA Act.

For implementing a project, Nirmaan charges 10% of the total budget as NGO Sustainability Costs. Extending our value of being “Transparent”, we are sharing the breakdown of this 10% charge:
2% : Head Office Staff Salaries
2% : Employee Welfare Fund
2% : NGO Contingency Fund
2% : Part Accountant Salary
1% : Part Audit Fees
1% : Organization Administrative Expenses

Coordinator will be on Nirmaan Pay rolls only. Salary will be credited directly to the coordinator by 5th of every month.

A tri partite MoU between Corporate, HYSEA and Nirmaan needs to be executed.